Woodland Park redevelopment calls for over 2,000 homes

Edgar Development is planning a major redevelopment of the Woodland Park townhouse complex in Port Moody, which will see 200 townhouses demolished to make way for over 2,300 units.


Historic facade from Buena Vista returns to new apartment on Edmonton’s 124 Street

A new apartment building called The MacLaren is now housed on the prominent 102 Avenue corner. The building incorporates numerous features from the former Buena Vista building which was previously there, dating back to 1912.


Mural by Fintan Magee injects new life into building façade

A massive new mural by Australian artist Fintan Magee is grabbing attention in Mount Pleasant.


Street-art stars Fintan Magee and Medianeras among names unveiled for Vancouver Mural Festival 2019

The Vancouver Mural Festival has announced the first batch of artists who will be helping transform the city this August, and they include stars like Australia's Fintan Magee, Japan's ONEQ, Germany's SatOne, and Argentina's Medianeras.


The Duke: LEED Gold Apartment Building Has Innovated High Density Urban Living

Completed in March 2018, The Duke is a LEED Gold target, rental residential project designed under the City of Vancouver Rental 100 Secured Market Rental Housing Policy, which allows height and density limits in strategic locations in the city to be rezoned in exchange for provision of 100% rental housing.