History of EDGAR

Our collective strength as a team and shared passion for developing quality real estate is at our core.

Established in 2009, EDGAR has experience in all asset classes including retail, purpose-built rental, mixed use, industrial, office, and seniors’ housing developments.

Each of our key team members has a track record of success in real estate and bring a full spectrum of industry knowledge to every project. With the cumulative expertise and motivation of our team, EDGAR is well positioned to discover and execute on prime development opportunities in Western Canada.

Our Culture

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In an environment of constant change, it’s EDGAR’s ethos that endures.

Thriving on its entrepreneurial and creative spirit, EDGAR fosters a culture of dynamic leadership, teamwork and collaboration. Armed with grit and tenacity, each team member is empowered to find innovative solutions to the obstacles inherent in business.

Our Team

Each of our core team members brings a unique perspective and expertise to ensure the successful management and execution of EDGAR’s goals.

We recognize that in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to assemble a first rate, diverse team of experts. We have created an environment that promotes success through collaboration, and from acquisition to completion, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of quality across all of our projects.

Peter works closely with Henry Edgar and the executive team to chart EDGAR’s strategic direction. He is engaged in all the company’s developments and actively oversees acquisitions and dispositions.

Profile Image: Peter N. Edgar

Peter N. Edgar

President, B.Comm


Henry steers EDGAR’s overall leadership and strategy together with Peter N. Edgar. He guides execution of all aspects of the company, while overseeing multiple development projects and their respective teams.

Profile Image: Henry Edgar

Henry Edgar

Partner, B.Comm


Drawing on over 45 years of experience in real estate development, Peter acts as a vital advisor to the executive team.

Profile Image: Peter J. Edgar

Peter J. Edgar

Director, B.Sc, B.Comm


Jasmean specializes in project financing, financial analysis, and development management. She is highly involved in all aspects of EDGAR including acquisitions, partnerships and corporate development.

Profile Image: Jasmean Toor

Jasmean Toor

Vice President, Real Estate Finance, B.Comm


Kevin is responsible for strategic financial planning and management, accounting, and reporting.

Profile Image: Kevin Webster

Kevin Webster

Vice President, Corporate Finance, B.A., CPA, CGA


With expertise in many areas of development, Matthew’s key focus is identifying emerging areas in British Columbia and North America for EDGAR’s future communities.

Profile Image: Matthew McClenaghan

Matthew McClenaghan

Vice President, Acquisitions (Pacific Region)


Leading construction in the Prairies Region, Peter ensures the successful completion of projects. He is involved in all aspects from design development through to completion.

Profile Image: Peter Jonkman

Peter Jonkman

Vice President, Construction (Prairie Region), MBA, GSC


Mike oversees financial planning and reporting for the Prairie Region. He also manages project financing and analysis, in addition to facilitating corporate development.

Profile Image: Mike Tanasichuk

Mike Tanasichuk

Director of Finance (Prairie Region), B.Comm, CPA, CA


With a background in building residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial projects, Adam manages the day-to-day construction coordination for all projects in the Pacific Region.

Profile Image: Adam Demiantschuk

Adam Demiantschuk

Assistant Project Manager (Pacific Region), BScCE


Parker focuses on all aspects of development coordination, from assisting with acquisitions through to project completion.

Profile Image: Parker Forch

Parker Forch

Development Coordinator, B.Comm


Ema sources and facilitates project financing, performs various financial analyses, and engages in relationship management with lenders.

Profile Image: Ema Fortunova

Ema Fortunova

Real Estate Finance Analyst, B.Comm


Navneet handles all accounts payable and bookkeeping for the Vancouver office. She also assists the finance team with day-to-day accounting duties.

Profile Image: Navneet Kaur

Navneet Kaur

Junior Accountant, Diploma in Business Accounting


Catherine oversees office administration and provides executive support to keep Vancouver’s headquarters running smoothly.

Profile Image: Catherine Peters

Catherine Peters

Office Administrator, B.A.


With a background in communications and project coordination, Katie handles all aspects of Edmonton’s operations. Her primary responsibilities include executive support, administrative and accounting functions, and assisting with any required development coordination.

Profile Image: Katie Schneider

Katie Schneider

Operations Coordinator, BTM


Elaine oversees corporate accounting and financial reporting for EDGAR and all of its projects.

Profile Image: Elaine Wong

Elaine Wong

Accounting Manager, B.Comm, CPA, CGA



We are committed to building a team of highly motivated individuals who are experts in their respective fields, and whose collaboration is integral to each project’s success.